Espresso Menu


Our House Blend ‘Drake’ roasted by The Roasting Party based in Winchester who we have been working with since day one.

We use Drake to make all of the drinks on our espresso based drinks menu.

Our blend is made up of 40% Colombia, 30% Brazil & 30% El Salvador which makes in our opinion the most outstanding Flat White.

Our Espresso based drinks are made on a La Marzocco Linea PB, using a Victoria Arduino Mythos One with modified SSP Burrs (Drake) or Mazzer Super Jolly (Decaf)



Filter Coffee / Batch Brew


Our filter coffee is roasted by Sunday Coffee Roasters and brewed freshly throughout the day.

We use our Filter menu to showcase what we think are exceptional everyday coffees from across the world, so the particular coffee we have on is always changing throughout the seasons - ask us what we’re brewing when you come in.

Sunday Coffee Roasters is roasted by ourselves here at the shop. We began roasting in 2015 as side project (on a Sunday) as we wanted learn more about coffee.

More information can be found on the Sunday website -

We’re really proud about our filter coffee set-up. Our filter is brewed on a Curtis G4 ThermoPro which is using a customised a spray head from Scott Rao for greater extraction.

We use Fetco ‘pour and serve’ carafes which helps ensure each cup is balanced.

The coffee is ground on an Mahlkoenig EK43 and we only brew in 2lt batches which are kept for no longer than 1 hour. We check the extraction on all of our brews using a VST Refractometer to ensure each batch is consistent.


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